By owning your very own insurance company you’ll have a war chest you can count on — managing the risks of your business…

A Turn-Key Solution Is What We’re All About

You’re good at what you do – you’ve built a successful business. The last thing you need to worry about is running an insurance company. At Montera, we’re good at what we do too. We do everything possible to make the captive insurance process a turn-key solution so you can focus on running your business.

Montera Takes the Lead

Montera Captive Insurance Management will take the lead and customize the best possible captive solution. Your insurance company will be structured so that it handles the risk management needs of your business and provides a financial war chest you can count on. Once the captive is formed, Montera’s personal and active oversight will ensure it remains in compliance and good standing with all governing and regulatory bodies through its lifetime.

The Discovery

Every journey begins with the first step. We cannot hope to meet your expectations unless we understand precisely the risks that are inherent in your business and what you want to achieve with your financial war chest. We will work with you and your professional financial advisors to fully grasp your requirements, objectives and strategy. A detailed strategy and list of requirements is created and subject to everyone’s approval. As we evaluate your business and risks, we will advise you honestly regarding this powerful strategy, as to whether or not it's a good fit for you.

Captive Formation

Next, we get to work forming your captive. We make sure we implement every strategy, every requirement and we make sure your captive is sound and strong. We interface with domicile insurance department regulators to make certain your captive is in compliance with all applicable laws and rulings and puts you in a position of security and financial strength. We work closely with you to gather all the information as quickly as possible, to ensure a painless and smooth formation process.

Captive Maintenance

Montera takes care of all the underwriting, claims, accounting and compliance issues related to your captive. We’ll consult with your professional financial advisors to develop an appropriate investment strategy for your captive’s financial reserves. We provide you with periodic financial statements and arrange for an annual independent audit by a qualified CPA firm. And we’re always there by your side to answer your questions and refine your risk management strategy when necessary.