WELCOME TO 2017! Our entire team at Montera Captive Insurance Management wishes you a joyful and prosperous New Year!

The new year gives us all the opportunity to reflect on the prior year’s successes and failures, and what we can do in 2017 to continue to improve and grow.

As we reflect on 2016, Montera has certainly had our share of challenges and growth opportunities. We have seen growth in both the numbers of clients we are serving, and in the size of our staff to better serve the needs this growth has brought us. We have worked hard to improve the service levels we provide, and to ensure our captive insurance companies remain in compliance with changing regulatory requirements.

In addition, we have remained active and vigilant in keeping abreast of the changing landscape that impacts our industry. Our efforts to best serve our clients have led us to pursue the following:

·         We have developed relationships with actuaries and professional insurance underwriters to help us better understand insurable risk as business needs change and evolve.

·         We continue to attend conferences and seminars, and follow court cases that impact captive insurance.

·         We have developed a comprehensive Owner’s Guide for our clients, to help them better understand captive insurance ownership responsibilities and benefits.

·         To help meet our growing needs, Ken Avery, who has been functioning as Montera’s business development director, has been promoted and is now a partner in the business. He is functioning as the Vice President of Business Development.

·         Ken also represents Montera by serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the Utah Captive Insurance Association, and as a member of the Utah Manufacturers Association, the Salt Lake Estate Planning Council, and Corporate Alliance of Utah. In fact, Ken was one of three recipients of Corporate Alliance’s coveted CARMA Award for 2016. Through memberships in these various associations, we gain a better understanding of the industries we serve, and we learn best practices in various business matters.

It is Montera’s continued commitment in 2017 to all those we serve and associate with, to serve you with the highest levels of service possible, to always represent Montera and the captive insurance industry with the highest levels of integrity, to ensure absolute industry compliance, and to stay current on all industry best practices. We look forward to another year of growth and progress, and once again – WE WISH YOU ALL THE SAME! 

Posted on January 26, 2017 .