Baseball is beautiful... but aren't you glad you don't have to make business decisions like you play the game?

The Super Bowl is a distant memory. The dust has settled on the NBA All-Star Game. The entertainment industry has wrapped up their awards season. The snow is pretty well gone and golf courses are opening. All this means… baseball season is right around the corner!

Baseball is as beautiful as it is unique. It’s played on a diamond. No two ball parks have the same field dimensions. There’s no time period. You hit until you make three outs. The managers wear the same uniforms as the players. There are nine players on the field, spread out over an area about of about 100,000 square feet. But the challenge of the game ultimately boils down to who can do what with a ball that’s a little less than 3 inches in diameter.

You may play your position on defense, and never get to touch the ball the entire game. But when that ball comes to you, you better be ready to make the play! And, you better know how many runners are on base! How fast are they? How many outs are there? Where’s the cutoff man going to be? Where will the play be?

A player has to be ready to process multiple factors in an instant, and make the right play in that same instant. It’s all on him. He can’t hand the ball off, wait for specific instructions, hold the ball, survey the field, and ponder his options for a few moments. He has to be ready to act NOW!

When a player is batting, he has about 10 seconds to figure out his hitting strategy while the pitcher is preparing to pitch, and about ONE second to analyze and process the pitch once it's on its way to the plate! Is it in the strike zone? Is it a fastball, or is the bottom going to drop out of it as soon as it reaches the plate? Should he drive it opposite field, or crush it down the line? Again, the batter has to be ready to act NOW!

As beautiful a game as baseball is, aren’t you glad business and industry doesn’t function like this? Isn’t it nice to be able to take time to ponder our decisions, bring in advisers and assistants, look at all the options, put all the key pieces into place, and then act on the decision?

Whether your decisions involve lining up the right suppliers, creating the right marketing plan, designing the right office space, hiring the right individuals, implementing the right financial goals, or developing the right risk management strategy, take time to process all your options, and make the right decisions! DON'T STRIKE OUT!


Posted on March 15, 2016 .